White after Labor Day!

Nemo has found it’s way at the front row of New York Fashion Week. While breaking an old fashioned rule, white is making an early comeback before summer! I think it’s a dumb rule anyway.
Model Coco Rocha @cocorocha posted this photo on her Instagram account.  photo VeU-oUBzzG_zps8597e5d4.jpeg

The Snowmagedden, Snowpocalypse also known as Nemo has whited out New York Fashion Week. Time to put away the heels and put on snow boots. I’m amazed with how glamorous the stars, celebs and models continue to look in winter gear.

Designer Marc Jacobs postponed his fashion show from Monday to next Thursday. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that late arriving clothing and accessories is what prompted Jacobs to change his dates. I can imagine that the grounded flights have delayed parcel deliveries.

The Spring 2013 collections have hinted at layered and less structured looks.

See the Nicholas K Spring 2013 Collection. Photos here

I’m looking forward to seeing Rebecca Minkhoff, Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui’s shows.

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