Best Coast, Wu Lyf, Cults and Real Estate

I’m a big fan of all kinds of music, so I wanted to share a few relatively popular and obscure bands worth checking out.
At the moment, my music mood fluctuates. Sometimes I like to listen to lofi, dream pop, noise pop and garage.

Here’s a playlist! With some of my favorite songs.

Wu Lyf are from Manchester, UK. Okay, they might sound like a couple of cavemen singing into noisy poppy guitar music, but they’re great!
I was pretty bummed I didn’t get to see them play at Coachella last year.
1. L Y F
2. Dirt
Label- Lyf Recordings.

Cults, dreamy airy and pop music from New York City

1. Most Wanted
2. You Know What I Mean
3. Go Outside
Label- In the Name Of, Columbia

West Coast surf rock, Best Coast are from Los Angeles!
 photo BestCoast_zpsdb4dda89.jpeg
Most of the lyrics are a love letter to the beach and California.
1. Crazy For You
2. Summer Mood
3. The Only Place
Label- Mexican Summer

Real Estate, a hazy indie pop band from New Jersey.
1. It’s Real
2. Easy
Label – Mexican Summer

Hope you like them! Are there any other bands you think I should check out? Leave me a comment and share some artists with me.

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