The Bachelor Final Three

Plenty of us countdown to March Madness! Sweet 16, Elite 8, the Final Four and one hopeful dream team’s NCAA Championship stardom! And at the same time we are narrowing in on The Bachelor Sean Lowe’s final three dream women! If this show drags out until March, we will all probably go a little mad!

I’ll admit this show makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable with the idea that women compete to be “the wife” for the handsome Texan native Sean. Is it me or does this reality TV show house have polygamous undertones? But of course that’s not the end goal! Sean Lowe has found himself in confusing love squares and now a triangle.

Now that the Tierrable woman is gone, let’s talk about his Top 3 marriage prospects!

Team AshLee:
 photo AshLeeBachelor_zps8e3a31f0.jpeg
She’s tied as my favorite. Beautiful, smart, intelligent and mature. And obviously working through her control and abandonment issues. I haven’t heard her talk about anything else but that. She’s gotta start focusing on her future and let go!

Team Catherine:
 photo CatherineBachelor_zps0683a794.jpeg
Beautiful, charming and absolutely endearing. She brings out the playful and adventurous side of Sean. She’s a vegan who likes the beef, LOL. She is the other contender tied as my favorite. Is she ready to settle down? Can she accomplish her career goals while also compromising with what Sean wants too?

Team Lindsay:
 photo LindsayTheBachelor_zps008278c6.jpeg
Lindsay toned down the cray cray after day one. Showing up in that wedding dress was a self-fulfilling prophecy so far. Lindsay is the type of girl that
Sean typically goes for. He fit in perfectly with her family, but she kind of bores me.

If there could be a combination of AshLee’s sweetness and sincerity, add Catherine’s bouncy personality and Lindsay’s tight-knit family into AshLee, she’d be one mega-AshLee!

Now, remember to take a break from the seriousness and stress of life and join this reality TV planet. Who do you think Sean should pick?! WHY?!

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