The Bachelor: Sean Lowe & AshLee Frazier Showdown

We all watched last week when Sean Lowe sent AshLee Frazier home on The Bachelor. After trusting Sean and putting her guard down, she swam through a dark and scary cave to prove her love to him. But it wasn’t enough and it just wasn’t there, AshLee was so blindsided by her dismissal. In a dramatic exit, the heartbroken lady of Texas didn’t say goodbye to Lindsay or Catherine. No words were said to The Bachelor himself even though he tried to give her some closure.  She was PISSED! But that’s what happens on a dating show like The Bachelor…eventually somebody’s gonna be sent home. In last night’s Women Tell All, AshLee grilled Sean!  (I’m not sure how long these videos may stay up.) Doesn’t she look amazing? She changed her hair color… and clearly she’s thinking this is what you missed out on.

At first, I read all the headlines about how psychotic this conversation was and how bitter AshLee was. She got her heart broken, so she’s going to be pissed. Obviously, the other women were a better match for Sean. I don’t think anybody has it “in the bag” on a show like this. Too bad she didn’t realize that. As a front runner, I wanted her to win too but could see how serious and intense (not in a good way) it was getting. Yep, gotta love those trashy reality TV shows!  Team Catherine or Team Lindsay? Who are you routing for? -J   Photo/Video credit: ABC

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