The Bachelor Finale

Okay! It’s been about four days since the finale of the Bachelor! Don’t read or watch further if you haven’t seen it yet.

In one of the most romantic proposals ever on The Bachelor, Sean Lowe got down on one knee and proposed to Seattle-native, Amazon graphic designer Catherine Giudici.

We all can’t help but get teary eyed watching that! Ahem* Get it together!

Shortly, beforehand Sean thought Catherine would be a no-show seeing a letter from his beloved. It wasn’t a Dear John letter but simply a sweet letter saying how much she cared about him. And how she wanted to plan their lives together.

So what’s next for the adorable couple? There are no dates set for the wedding, but they do plan to air their nuptials live on ABC! YES!

Sean Lowe can’t get enough of ABC, and we can’t get enough of Sean Lowe…
He’s been tapped to star as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.

I’m cheering Sean and Catherine on. Their relationship seemed pretty genuine, and I hope they go the distance. 🙂

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