Save Venice Masquerade Ball

Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo

Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo

Lauren Santo Domingo

Lauren Santo Domingo

On April 5th, some of fashion’s finest stretched their imaginations to the limit at the Save Venice Masquerade Ball. Masks ranged from terrifying to elegant, from full-face to covering one eye. And everyone was dressed to the nines, making the party a glamorous event to be sure.

Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo were there; she was adorned with a Lanvin dress and necklace and a lacy black half-mask, while he donned a classic tuxedo and a Jason Voorhees mask.

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-11at104857AM_zps2cd900a4.png
But it was Di Mondo who won best mask for what might have been even more terrifying than the Jason mask: a full-face jeweled luchador-style mask with antennae-like protrusions at the temples. Even the eyeholes were partially covered, giving him a lemur-like intense stare.

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-11at102723AM_zpsd0db269a.png
Lauren Heriard Dubreuil would have been hard to recognize if not for her male counterpart, fiancé Aaron Young. Her mask was also full-faced and jewel encrusted, and it won her the award for best female mask. Amanda Hearst also made an appearance, as did Taylor Tomasi Hill, Indre Rockefeller, Hayley Bloomingdale, Elew, and many other well-known fashion faces.

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-11at102643AM_zps954a43f6.png

But the masquerade wasn’t just an excuse to dress up and mingle; it was also a fundraising event for the nonprofit organization Save Venice, which is dedicated to restoring works of art and architecture in Venice. It was originally formed in 1966, when the city suffered floods due to the highest tide in over a hundred years. All proceeds from the group’s events, including the Masquerade Ball, go toward funding further restoration projects—more than thirty of which are already underway.

Lauren, like her husband Andres Santo Domingo, is regularly involved in charitable giving. She is a co-chair for the charity, so it’s no surprise that the two made it out to the event. The theme changes every year, and it just seems to get better. This year, the event raised over half a million dollars.

“I’ve come to Save Venice as long as I’ve been in New York,” Lauren says. “I think the first party I went to in New York was Save Venice and it’s kept its charm.”

Photography by Hannah Thomson

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