Fashion Fab or Faux Pas?

Salma Hayek recently attended CinemaCon at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas to promote her newest movie, Grown Ups 2. Hayek attended the event alongside costars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, and David Spade. The boys showed up looking casual, but Ms. Hayek dressed up for the occasion in a bright turquoise pants suit by Gucci.

On anyone else, the bright, solid turquoise color might have looked washed out and overwhelming, but on her it looked surprisingly good. The silk suit was lightweight, professional, and fun. The sleeves buttoned up at the wrists, reminiscent of Victorian era dresses. The top was belted at the waist, and the flowy pants reached all the way to the floor despite her brown platform leather heels. Her only adornments were a pair of gold hoop earrings and a long pendant necklace on a gold chain.

Still, that much turquoise is a lot to take in. Do you think Salma hit the hypothetical fashion nail on the head or missed the mark with her bright pants suit? For the high-powered, successful woman, pants suits certainly seem like a wardrobe staple, and one this bright is certainly a bold move on Hayek’s part. Of course, if anyone can pull it off, it’s probably her.
CinemaCon kicked off on Monday, April 15th with an appearance by Brad Pitt to promote his new movie, World War Z. Wednesday, Johnny Depp made an appearance to talk up his latest film, The Lone Ranger, with fellow crew members Gore Verbinski (director), Armie Hammer (co-star), and Jerry Bruckheimer (producer). Grown Ups 2, a comedy, is set to open on July 12th. It is the sequel (obviously) to Grown Ups and has brought in the same core crew as the first movie, including those listed above, as well as Chris Rock and Maria Bello.


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