Jenna Lyons and Michael Kors Grace Time Top 100 List

Every year, Time releases a list of who it deems to be the 100 most influential people from around the world. Those who make the cut can be anything from artists to politicians, business gurus to fashion icons.

This year, two fashion designers made the top 100 list: Jenna Lyons and Michael Kors. Lyons is what the magazine deems a “Tastemaker,” and is the executive creative director at J. Crew. She’s been there for 22 years now, and has helped J. Crew define itself as a brand.

“Being fashionable doesn’t mean being trendy; it means having a sense of style,” writes fashion designer Prabal Gurung. “Jenna has made J. Crew more than a brand or a company—it’s a philosophy that believes in style.”

Michael Kors hardly needs an introduction considering his public visibility, but he gets one anyway. Kors has been a fashion icon for years, designing chic, elegant, and glamorous getups for both the celebrity world and the Regular Joe alike. He is one of the few designers who has lasted through the decades, and Project Runway judge Zac Posen describes him well:

Michael Kors

Photo from Michael Kors Instagram

“It takes a great deal of resilience and staying power to last for decades, and it’s a testament to Michael’s very clear vision. He’s larger than life, a ball of energy and so warm and personable. It’s his love of people, life and culture that exudes in his fashion globally.”

Lena Dunham


Photo from Lena Dunham’s Instagram

Certainly worth mentioning is Lena Dunham, made famous by her iconic HBO show, “Girls” and her commitment to creating honest and believable characters. What connects her to fashion is her portrayal of Hannah on the show: a young, vain, and imperfect woman trying to find out who she is and all the while struggling with even the basic idea of fashion. Her clothes don’t fit right, are unflattering, or are wrinkled almost as a rule.

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