Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List

Do you have style to rival Kate Middleton? How about Lauren Santo Domingo? Or maybe Jay-Z? This year, Vanity Fair is letting readers put their style to the test; for the first time ever, the magazine is allowing individual submissions to the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List. Users can upload their own photos to the website, and others can vote for their favorites.

In past years, only celebrities and well-known public faces—politicians, leaders, socialites, and the like—had enough visibility to land themselves a spot on the list. 2012’s list included a slough of familiar faces, like Dutchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo, Jay-Z, Colin Firth and his wife Livia, Tom Brady, and Diane Kruger.

But now, with a few simple steps—upload, vote, share, and (possibly) win—everyday readers can join the list. Each week leading up to the June 30th deadline, Vanity Fair’s editors will chose their favorites, naming them “Editor’s Picks.” Once all the weeks are up, the editors will chose one lucky male and female to be featured on the International Best Dressed List 2013.

Users can enter both pictures of themselves and of their friends. The only stipulation is that the subject has a username for Vanity Fair so that they can be contacted—if they don’t, they won’t be eligible. And the best part for users is that they can enter as many photos as they like. There will also be “Users’ Choice” winners selected each month leading up to the June 30th deadline.

Not everyone was born to be a style king or queen. But some were, and it’s good to see that Vanity Fair is giving them a platform to be recognized from even if they’re not famous.

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