Feminist Fashion For J Magazine

James Worthington DeMolet has, until now, worked as a stylist and creative director for The Block magazine. But now, DeMolet is moving onto a new project, J Magazine, which is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. The very first issue’s theme is “Neo-Feminism,” pressing the boundaries of the fashion industry in regards to femininity, feminism, gender-specific clothing styles, and more.

DeMolet gave an interview with The Cut about the new venture. In the interview, he says that feminism is “at the forefront” of social issues, and one that he was personally interested in learning more about. “… I was interested in hearing from designers, stylists, photographers, and actresses… what they all felt about it.”

Feminism “was kind of polarizing for this generation. There were some people who are comfortable with the word and other people who feel like it’s too strong of a word, so that was my idea—to speak to people who believe that their work is empowering women and also to hear what they think of the word feminism.”

For the first issue of J Magazine, there is also a blurring of the lines when it comes to menswear and womenswear. In his approach of Neo-Feminism, DeMolet found that many designers and artists pulled inspiration from clothing trends of the opposite gender. So-called “feminist dressing” was, more than anything, expressed most commonly with a blurring of gender norms.

Men wearing feminine-inspired clothing has more to do with confidence than sexual preference, says DeMolet. He points out that a Givenchy suit in pastel colors are still the same cut as always, just in a typically “feminine” color. And his own Commes des Garçons skitrting is reminiscent of a typical Irish kilt, though with a more feminine length.

feminist fashion for J magazine 2

But DeMolet also recognizes that not all of America is as fashion-forward as New York. “Unfortunately, middle America is still not 100 percent ready for these trends,” he said, “when I visit my family in North Carolina, I leave my CdG skirting at home.”

Photos: Leon Mark for issue #1 of J Magazine


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