Goddess Braids, Messy Buns, and Tousled Beach Hair: This Summer’s Best Looks for Your Locks

Whether you live seaside, or are landlocked in a Midwestern town, summertime is all about taking it easy, a trend which can definitely translate to your hair. All over the country, humidity is bound to soon take hold, so quit battling with your hair products and blow dryer, and instead, take advantage of the heat and this summer’s breezy, messy trends in hairstyling.

According to Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, “Summer is not a time for over thinking things, especially when it comes to your hair. Instead, it’s all about letting the breeze whip through your strands, tousling your bun and unraveling your braid just a bit…” This season, braids, distressed buns, and messy, flowing do’s allow for a youthful, fun summer look, and are as pretty as they are beach-ready.

Here are a few tips to capture this summer’s best hairstyles:

A “Goddess Braid” essentially creates a headband with your hair. Braid a section by your ear and then pin it around your head like a crown.
If you have short or long hair, a side braid with a few strands falling out around your face is also an easy summer style to create.

goddess braids

Photo credit: Hello Beautiful



Harper’s Bazaar says “A new way to wear last season’s topknot is to move it down about six inches to the base of your neck, for a relaxed way to look chic.”

Another way to rock a bun this summer is to keep it high on your head, but to give it some volume by applying hair powder to add plumpness to your strands before sweeping it up.

summer bun hair style

Photo credit: Lucky


Long and Beach-Tousled:

Skip blow-drying and opt instead to twist your hair into a bun and let it air dry. When dry, your hair will have loose waves that are evocative of a cool beach look.
If your hair is already blown-out, tame the next-day messiness by wrapping the ends around a large barrel curling iron to create easy waves. Remember, totally polished is difficult to maintain in the summertime, so embrace that messy, wavy look.

beach hair tousled

Photo credit: Lucky


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