Fashionistas Flocked to the Annual Pitchfork Music Festival

Screen shot 2556-07-23 at 13.58.15Pitchfork Music Festival is one of the most anticipated events of the summer, enticing hipsters, lovers of contemporary music, and guys and gals wearing the chicest combination of street fashion and high end garments and accessories. Basically, it’s a place for the young and trendy to see and be seen while enjoying Pitchfork’s seriously awesome musical lineup.

Elle Magazine comprised a gallery of the best-dressed festival-goers; donning more than just t-shirts and sandals, these women set the trends at the Pitchfork event, and could easily apply their festival garb to ready-to-wear street styles. Though no two looks were alike, the overall trend appeared to require three simple elements:

1. Implementing something vintage or thrifted.

2. Including accessories or basics from hip, go-to retailers like Urban Outfitters or American Apparel.

3. Showcasing a high-end, designer article or accessory.

The women showing off their looks in Elle’s fashion gallery effortlessly rocked vintage floral tops, retro-inspired sunglasses, and incredibly chic designer hot pants, not to mention beautiful accessories like purses and sandals. One example of a great juxtaposition between wearing high-end labels paired with popular brands was an outfit that featured shoes and shorts from Urban Outfitters, an over-sized tee from Givenchy, a floral, statement-making headband from Forever 21, and a gorgeous clutch from Louis Vuitton. The look make the fashionista wearing it stand out at the music festival, just as it would have if she was walking down a New York City street.

Other gorgeous pieces seen were Chanel and Coach bags, blouses from Topshop, a slew of fabulous sunglasses, shorts from Marc Jacobs’ collection, as well as vintage anything and everything including hats, shirt dresses, tops, sandals, and robes. The combination of high-end and thrifted pieces makes for an incredibly stylish look, and the concert-goers at the Pitchfork Music Festival set trends sure to influence street style for the rest of the season.

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