Royal Babies Raise a Royal Commotion

To say that Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton’s newborn’s arrival has created quite a stir would be a massive understatement. The world watched in awe as the couple wed back in 2011, and since the announcement of Kate’s pregnancy last year, that news propelled the couple even further into the public spotlight, with people from all parts of the world literally watching their every move.

The public’s obsession with royals – where they vacation, what they’re wearing, what names they give their children – is not a new phenomenon. Grace Kelly, an American actress, became the Princess of Monaco in 1956 when she married Prince Rainer III, which catapulted Kelly further into the public eye. It was a real-life princess story, and the whole world was watching. Princes Diana of Wales, Prince William’s mother, was another royal who was thrust into the public spotlight. Her every move was watched, and millions of people worldwide mourned her death, despite her not even being their princess.

kate_middleton_hobbs_brown_coat_grimsbyToday, perhaps more than ever before, royals are given celebrity status, and are followed by paparazzi just as frequently as actors and entertainers. Right now, Prince William and Princess Kate have attracted much media attention simply by welcoming their first child. According to Wales Online, “royal fever” is not a new trend, but with the arrival of the royal baby, Brits have been acting more excitable than ever before. The publication also explains that “Along with the hourly updates – news outlets have running blogs – the sheer volume of reports on people’s anticipation has served to make us all obsessed with Kate’s movements, emotions and, most of all, naming intentions.” There are even apps being created to mark the movements of the royal baby, and reportedly, thousands of parents all over England and Wales refused to name their newborn until the royal baby name was released.

Another couple that have experienced similar attention is Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo. Casiraghi is the grandson of Princess Grace of Monaco, which meant that news of the couple’s baby Sasha put a lot of pressure on the pair because of their celebrity status. Andrea and Tatiana are more free-spirited than most royals, and hope to avoid the pomp and circumstance that royal tradition and the public’s expectations force upon royal couples like Prince William and Kate. Similarly, Andres Santo Domingo, Tatiana’s uncle, and his wife Lauren try very hard to keep their children out of the press, despite their high profile status as “New York Royalty.” In a day and age where the public obsesses over royal babies and their families, many couples have difficulty maintaining privacy.

Welcome, George Alexander Louis (the royal couple finally settled on a name)! We’ll try not to obsess over your every move.

Photo credit: Carmen Rodriguez via Flickr

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