Mainstream Lingerie Lacks Options for the “Average” Woman

“Life,” muses Chrystal Bougon, owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie, “is too short for ugly underwear.” And she should know: the shop owner has a background in the adult toy business, and at a clothing size of 22, knows a thing or two about trying to navigate the lingerie industry’s minimal selection of under things for “plus sized” women.

Her lingerie store is one of only two stores in the entire country tailored to plus-sized figures, offering a solution for women who want their underwear to be just as sexy as the plentiful bras and panties made for smaller sizes. The fashion industry has made steps towards becoming more inclusive of larger body types, but despite the average American women wearing a size 14, most clothing models have incredibly slim frames and showcase clothing fit for a size 4 or even smaller.

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Lingerie models are no different, and it is within this industry that larger body types are perhaps the most blatantly discriminated against. There are always heaps of cutting edge designs, patters, and shapes of bras and underwear for petite women, but if you have what the fashion industry calls a “plus sized” figure, your options probably include something neutral colored, plain, and focused on full coverage. This leaves a lot to be desired by women who want their under things to make them feel just as sexy as women with smaller bodies, and the lingerie industry still has some serious catching up to do.

Happily, there are curvaceous, proud women like Bougon who want to bring more style, sexiness, and comfort to underwear for “plus sized” women. With the help of Bougon and others speaking up about the need for plus-sized representation in mainstream retail, the attention full-figured women deserve will become recognized less as a cause du jour, and instead will be a testament to the fact that the average American woman is not a size 2.

Featured Image: imelda via flickr

Inset Image: via flickr


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