The September Issue: Fashion’s Most Coveted Edition

August hasn’t quite passed and already the September issues of the most fabulous fashion publications are hitting the stands. That’s because more than 13 million people will reportedly pick up these coveted issues in anticipation of the most sought-after fall looks, loads of celebrities, designers’ newest editorial campaigns, and of course, the biggest edition of […]

Diesel Reboots Its Fall Fashion Campaign

Many high-end fashion labels have long been guilty of using unhealthy-looking waiflike models for their clothing campaigns. Impossibly thin women are the face of many brands; designers and photographers adore muses who showcase the clothing “best,” or so they say. The debate about the ethics of using rail-thin models versus more “full-figured” bodies in clothing […]

Who in the World Made the Cut: Vanity Fair’s 2013 International Best Dressed List

Vanity Fair’s 2013 International Best Dressed List is full of some of the most fashionable men and women in the world, as well as some whose strong sense of style is debatable. Given that there are a limited number of slots, it would be impossible to agree with all of Vanity Fair’s picks for best […]

BlingSting is “Pepper spray so cute…it, like, hurts”

Pepper spray and style are probably two things you don’t often find in the same sentence (unless Marc Jacobs is dreaming up some sort of urban post-apocalyptic ready-to-wear that we don’t know about). Some people carry pepper spray as a personal defense against street attackers, and now instead of mace being encased in utilitarian packaging, […]

Crystal-Encrusted Leotards and Child Advocacy Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of USA Gymnastics

What better way to honor fifty years of USA Olympic Gymnastics than with a leotard covered in Swarovski Crystals? While it may seem overly lavish, the gymnastics garment is actually part of GK Elite Sportswear’s “2013 couture collection,” and is being raffled for charity. The sportswear company has paired with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the primary brand […]

The Ever-Changing Swimsuit: From Bathing Suit Police to Barely-There Bikinis

The Huffington Post recently published a striking image of a woman’s hemline being measured by what could only be a bathing suit policeman. The photograph beautifully captures an important moment in fashion history, and is a nod to the ever-changing style and politics of the swimsuit. Today, modern “fashion police” provide biting social commentary on […]

20 Going On 45: Lives of The Young and Wealthy

When American model Karlie Kloss celebrated her twenty-first birthday last week, her guest list was stacked with some of the biggest names in entertainment and fashion, many of them barely of legal drinking age themselves. It’s not a thing many of us can relate to: leaving grade school at an early age to pursue a […]