Moziah Bridges’ Fabulous Bowties

When young Moziah Bridges saw a gap in the fashion industry where stylish bowties belonged, he decided to do something about it. What started out as a project meant to bolster his own wardrobe has quickly grown into a small business that has garnered national attention, and the energetic designer has become something of a visionary in menswear and accessories.

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Moziah started out crafting bowties after his grandmother taught him a simple pattern on her sewing machine. At first, he practiced with fabric scraps, but eventually his family helped supply stylish, printed fabrics to help support his vision, and soon after, Mo’s Bows was born. The precocious eleven-year-old (yes, you read that right, he’s only eleven), has already made over $30,000 in bowtie sales from his online shop on Etsy, as well as other boutique stores that want to sell his stylish bowties. Moziah dreams of becoming a famous fashion designer some day, and his family doesn’t think he needs to wait to make this desire a reality.

Moziah is talented, with an endearing dose of arrogance, certainly fueled by the national attention he’s received since launching Mo’s Bows. In a recent interview with FOX News, Moziah described himself proudly as a “young, dapper man,” stating how the need for more attractive bowties was an obvious one. This young, dapper man is already making a name for himself, and a future in fashion looks promising for the entrepreneur, whose bowties really are pretty fabulous.

His entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and creative eye have allowed for a lot of success for the designer, and twenty years from now, he might just be the next Calvin Klein. Check out his online store and blog at Handcrafted Mo’s Bows.

Featured Image: geraldbrazell via Flickr

Image: “Mo’s Bows” Label via Blogger


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