The September Issue: Fashion’s Most Coveted Edition

August hasn’t quite passed and already the September issues of the most fabulous fashion publications are hitting the stands. That’s because more than 13 million people will reportedly pick up these coveted issues in anticipation of the most sought-after fall looks, loads of celebrities, designers’ newest editorial campaigns, and of course, the biggest edition of the year filled with enough fashion to keep you satisfied until spring. The September issues of fashion magazines are known for being the most important editions of the year, and publications like Vogue have even inspired films that document the stress, excitement, and remarkable efforts that are put towards making this issue perfect.

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“The September Issue” is a documentary about the making of American Vogue’s greatly anticipated 2007 September publication, and focuses specifically on legendary editor Anna Wintour and her team at Vogue. Wintour is known for being a harsh critic, a challenging boss, and an extraordinary talent in the world of fashion. She’s considered by many to be the single most powerful and influential woman in the industry, and has been editor-in-chief at Vogue for more than two decades. Naturally, the documentary paid special attention to this fashion icon and her efforts to create a perfectly executed September issue, something she’s succeeded in doing for twenty-five years.

“There’s a certain standard you’re expected to live up to and if you’re not up to par, she’ll let you know,” says Vogue contributing editor Lauren Santo Domingo of Wintour.  “You’ll take it very personal and then you’ll be professional and move on. There’s very rarely a gray area. It’s really nice to work in black or white.” Lauren and her husband Andres Santo Domingo are known for being some of the most fashionable and philanthropic of New York’s elite, and her work with Wintour has certainly helped the fashionista establish her credibility within the industry. Lauren Santo Domingo has a gracious, appreciative tone when discussing her boss, but many others haven’t been so kind when commenting about the icon, or about working on the September issue.

Hollywood’s current it-girl Jennifer Lawrence graces Vogue’s September 2013 cover, an extra large issue that promises to be the best of the year. Of fashion, Wintour says, “it’s not about looking back, it’s about looking forwards.” Go and get your hands on the Vogue September issue and turn its pages to explore everything we can expect from fashion this coming year!

Images: “voguestagrams” via

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