Moziah Bridges’ Fabulous Bowties

When young Moziah Bridges saw a gap in the fashion industry where stylish bowties belonged, he decided to do something about it. What started out as a project meant to bolster his own wardrobe has quickly grown into a small business that has garnered national attention, and the energetic designer has become something of a […]

The Bicycle Helmet: From Fashion Faux Pas to Chic Safety Accessory

Bicycle helmets have long been regarded as clunky, unfashionable accessories that have the power to render an otherwise adorable outfit totally dorky. A recent article in the New York Times even discusses bicycle fashion trends and admits that “Unlike motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmets have historically had zero cool factor on city streets,” a notion that […]

Party Pointers from a Fabulous New York City Hostess

There’s no right or wrong way to plan a gathering at your home, but it never hurts to get tips from a seasoned party hostess, right? Lauren Santo Domingo is known for her chic sensibility, whether it’s in fashion, home décor, and of course, fabulous event planning. New York City’s Queen Bee has bona fide […]