Model Alliance Seeks to Change the Dark Culture of the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry, as we know, can be a cutthroat, unhealthy, and even dangerous industry for young women and girls. Models from all around the world strive to book clothing campaigns, to walk in fashion shows and be photographed wearing garments from the world’s most renowned designers, often at a cost to their health and wellbeing. Since the 1990s, the fashion industry’s demands for thin, young women have sparked debates about the ethics of the industry as a whole.

Eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, self-harm, and abuse are all problems that pervade the modeling and fashion industry. Now, models are joining together in a response to the industry’s perpetuation of these dangerous side effects and real facets of high fashion modeling. One organization, called Model Alliance, is on a mission to advocate for young women new to the industry, in hopes of changing the entire culture of modeling and the pressures it puts on models.

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The organization was founded and is run by a large team, many of whom are heavily involved in the fashion industry. Model Alliance seeks to exist as a space where models can go to report questionable practices and receive support, and education. According to the organization’s mission statement :

“The Model Alliance believes that models deserve fair treatment in their workplace, and we aim to establish ethical standards that bring real and lasting change to the fashion industry as a whole. We support the enforcement of existing child labor and contract laws, promote financial transparency and redress for issues of sexual harassment, recognize that all models have the right to complete their compulsory schooling, and encourage a safe and healthy work environment that protects models’ mental and physical wellbeing.”

With efforts being made by organizations like Model Alliance, and more influential members of the fashion industry speaking out against the pressures and pitfalls of modeling, the future looks a little brighter for young women entering the industry. For more information about Model Alliance’s services, visit their official website.

Featured Image: Coco Rocha via Instagram

Image: via Model Alliance

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