Gina Gershon to Portray One of Fashion’s Biggest Icons in New Film

Versace is a name that is synonymous with haute couture and high fashion in one of the most notoriously discerning industries. Every year, the prestigious House of Versace continues to deliver the most coveted and luxurious garments; the brand is known for being a pioneer in creating women’s fashion that incorporates glamour and sensuality. Fashion credibility aside, like many other high profile fashion houses, Versace is also known for its controversy and scandalous history.

Right now, the entertainment world is abuzz with news of an upcoming television movie about the iconic fashion house. It’s called “House of Versace,” and will air on the Lifetime Movie Network, where made-for-TV movies have often floundered due to ill-written, albeit passionate storylines and melodramatic acting performances. The film, directed by Sarah Sugarman, will feature Gina Gershon as the legendary fashion icon Donatella Versace, who the film is centered around. “House of Versace” is an adaptation of a book by Deborah Ball called “House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder, and Survival,” which chronicles the struggles Donatella faces after her brother Gianni, the founder of the fashion label, is murdered in 1997.

Screen shot 2556-09-06 at 15.31.39

Gina Gershon as Donatella Versace
Image: Jan Thijs via Lifetime

The book is the first in English about the legendary House of Versace, and its synopsis explains how,

“Ball vividly recounts the behind-the scenes struggles – both creative and business – of Donatella as she stepped out of her brother’s long shadow and took control of the House of Versace. The book offers the first inside look at the enormous challenges Donatella faced in living up to Gianni’s genius, her struggle with a drug habit, her battles with her brother Santo and the mystery of why Gianni left control of his house to Donatella’s young daughter, Allegra. “House of Versace” is a compelling, highly readable tale of rise from obscurity, a painful fall and ultimate redemption as the Versace empire returned to health – for now.”

Indeed, the struggles endured by the iconic fashion family and their legendary label appears to be true Hollywood gold. Critics are speculating that the Lifetime network’s notoriously lackluster film catalogue might be redeemed with the help of Gershon’s portrayal of Donatella. You’ll have to be the judge when “House of Versace” airs this October on Lifetime.

Featured Image: Versace via Instagram

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