Lisa Katnic: Innovative Stylist or Fashion’s Black Sheep?

At this point, anyone who pays even the least amount of attention to pop culture news is likely to be familiar with Miley Cyrus in all her twerking glory. The singer has earned tons of infamy in her post-Disney days, mot recently for her performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Her dance moves? Most would call them appalling. Her singing? Lackluster at best. Her tongue that made, shall we say, more than just a cameo appearance? There are no words.

All of these things combined made for an uncomfortable, albeit memorable performance. What sparked arguably the most controversy of all however was not what Miley was doing, but what she was wearing. So sure, while Miley Cyrus has become something of a household name, you may not be as familiar with the woman behind her VMA ensemble, Lisa Katnic.

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Katnic is a twenty-eight year old Croatian-American woman who regards fashion through an incredibly objective lens. Of Miley’s VMAs wardrobe, and her music video “We Can’t Stop,” which she also styled, she says that she has zero regrets. In a recent interview with The Cut, the young stylist explained that anyone who perceives Miley’s actions as racist or offensive is really reading too much into them.

According to The Cut, “The fashion industry doesn’t distinguish between cultures and their costumes, often flattening the political or historical dimensions of any given aesthetic. Outside of fashion, Miley’s “ratchet” makeover is often seen as a symptom of pop culture’s problem with commodifying black female bodies. And while Katnic recognizes that perspective, ratchet is “just a trendy word right now” to her — a look that anyone is free to own. Or disown when it goes out of style.” In fact, Katnic predicts that “ratchet style” as the media has described it all summer, is already on its way out as far as it being on trend. Regardless, the term “ratchet” and Miley Cyrus’ involvement with it has sparked huge controversy, something which Katnic is directly responsible for.

Her work with Miley and other musicians has allotted Katnic more elevated opportunities in the world of fashion. She’s the stylist behind more music videos than you might think, but she also has her hands in many other fashion-based projects. Some might argue that Katnic got off the hook in terms of facing criticism for Miley’s outrageous styling at the VMAs.

What do you think about Lisa Katnic and her styling choices?

Images: mileycyrus via Instagram

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