Capitol Couture is Fabulous Fan-Fashion

If The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins wasn’t already popular enough as young adult literature, recreating it in film form with the Hollywood touch catapulted the story into even greater popularity. Fans of great stories like The Hunger Games often recreate different scenarios for their beloved characters by writing what is called “fanfiction.” Now, adorers of the series can delight in another kind of over-the-top fandom in the available for purchase clothing collection called Capitol Couture.

Screen shot 2556-09-27 at 19.25.28As its name suggests, the Capitol Couture clothing line will feature luxurious, detailed pieces that are the epitome of fashion-forward. According to, “It has been reported that as part of the viral marketing campaign surrounding the Hunger Games film sequel Catching Fire, a ‘luxury clothing line’ called Capitol Couture will be released this fall. The line will feature 16 pieces from high-end designer Trish Summerville, all of them meant to reflect the outrageous fashion trends of Panem’s rich and privileged.” The Capitol of the dystopian, fictional world Panem is described in the series as being a place of excess, privilege, and lavishness, which is a stark contrast to the rest of Panem. The pieces in the Capitol Couture collection are inspired by the extravagance of the Capitol city, while also evoking a futuristic aesthetic.

Many fans of The Huger Games who fell in love with the imagery Collins creates as the book’s author will be happy to see the realization of the fashions worn in the fictional Capitol with this new collection. Some of the pieces of this fanfashion collection are definitely otherworldly looking; others are strong, detailed, and luxurious. Capitol Couture is aptly named; it’s mix of truly couture pieces and futuristic, fiction-inspired garments tow the line between contemporary couture and costume.

Some Hunger Games superfans say that the Capitol Couture clothing line is sending the wrong message to those who want to enjoy the story without being overwhelmed by the film’s marketing techniques. How do you weigh in? Is Capitol Couture another devoted form of fanfiction (or fanfashion?) or is it merely a marketing ploy?

Take a look at then entire line at the Capitol Couture site.

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