Could Lena Dunham Be Vogue’s Next Cover Girl?

In fashion news, sources are saying that Lena Dunham is Anna Wintour’s pick for her next Vogue cover spread. In mere hours since that news was released, exaggerated rumors tore through the fashion world. Amid much speculation and hearsay it seems as though one thing is for certain: everyone has an opinion about whether Dunham belongs on the cover of the iconic fashion glossy.

So what’s all the fuss about? For one thing, Wintour is known for handpicking famous celebrities that have a very specific look; thin, feminine models and celebrities have graced the cover for the last few decades, which hardly leaves room for women like Dunham. One of the things that makes Dunham so beloved by fans of all ages is also the part of her identity that receives the most criticism: her body type and attitude. In an industry full of waiflike models and slim actresses, Dunham stands out as a woman who could care less about the standards that are forced upon her peers and herself, a fact which makes her an empowered role model, but also a public figure who is often criticized for her appearance.

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The award-winning actress and director has good reason not to conform to industry pressures; she has already found immense success on her own terms. Dunham has garnered fame in acting, but also because of her vibrant personality and her advocacy for women and promoting positive body image. Some argue that Dunham is not fashionable or beautiful enough to “belong” on the cover of a publication like Vogue, statements that flagrantly express the fashion industry’s distaste for nonconforming female body types.

Many speculate that Wintour is trying to capitalize on Dunham’s quickly rising star in rumors that she wants the actress to be her next cover feature. Wintour has an indisputable eye for talent, and Girls has garnered immense popularity in its two seasons, so featuring Dunham would certainly be strategic. To those who are skeptical about Dunham’s “worthiness” of being one of Vogue’s cover stories, others argue that the talented young actress has already surpassed the kind of fame that the magazine could help her achieve.

What do you think about the rumors that Wintour wants to feature Lena Dunham on the cover of Vogue?

Featured Image: lenadunham via Instagram


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