Channel Your Inner Model This Halloween

Still unsure of what to wear for Halloween? If you want to dress up for Halloween but are more in favor of a subtler approach, why not channel an actual person by borrowing from their signature style? After all, this holiday is all about having fun dressing up as anything you want (fake blood and heavy makeup optional).

Fashionista offers an easy guide to channeling your favorite model this Halloween, with tips on how to style yourself with inspiration from Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne, and others. Fashionista suggests wearing a bright cherry lip, thick lashes and a drawn-on mole to recreate Crawford’s signature look. To channel Delevingne, apply super-long fake lashes, matte foundation, and thicken up your brows with liner to capture her bold look. Keep your hair in a simple low pony or down, and wear a red beanie.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.04.51 AM

To style yourself like model Cat McNeil, opt for bold, dark lips, and smoky eyes. To really get into character, you can heavily apply temporary tattoos and fake piercings (if you don’t already have them), found at online shops like Tattly. Another fun, rebellious model to dress as is Chloe Norgaard. Known for her rainbow hair, you can either channel the model by dying your hair with temporary colors, or finding an awesome rainbow-colored wig. For makeup, think simple. Norgaard often has shimmering eyes and bare skin.

Fashionista’s tips were somewhat limited, given how many models have iconic personal senses of style. You could easily channel Twiggy by wearing a blonde wig (or straightening your own golden locks) and rocking some impossibly long lashes. Grace Jones is another model with iconic style; focus on highlighting your cheekbones, applying dark lipstick, and slicking your hair back.

What other iconic models would make great Halloween costumes?

Featured Image: catmcneil via Instagram

Image: chloenorgaard via Instagram

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