The Perfect Winter Coat for Your Figure

Bombers, peacoats, and capes, oh my! There are so many fashionable coats to drool over this time of year – it can be hard to decide which direction to go in. One way to narrow down your search for the perfect winter coat is to focus on fit. What kind of silhouette will you feel most comfortable in? Here’s a few tips from Lucky Magazine market editor Laurel Pantin, via Fashionista:

If you’re tall…Coats with an oversized feel are great for taller women, whether they are curvy or more boyish. Long, drop-shoulder or cocoon coats are edgy, and really flattering for someone with a taller frame. If you know you’ll feel comfortable in a more form-fitting coat, try to find one that is still long, but accentuates your natural waist.

If you’re on the shorter side…Some fashion experts call this category “petite,” but that doesn’t always leave room for bodies that are both short and curvy. Embrace your height and opt for a cropped peacoat to best highlight your body type. Pantin warns against coats with a lot of volume, as they can easily overwhelm your short frame.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 8.27.15 AM

If you’ve got curves…Sometimes bustier women feel trapped inside a boxy peacoat. If you’re one who likes to embrace your bodily curves, find a coat that shows them off best! A tailored winter coat that cinches in at the waist or has a built-in belt will highlight your figure in the most flattering, comfortable way. Trenches and capes will also be a great choice!

If you prefer an androgynous style…Long, loose coats are another option for someone who rocks an androgynous style with a tall figure. If you embrace a “boyish” shape, one of the most flattering coat styles for you will be a very tailored one with an exaggerated collar. This shape will be really complimentary on your body type, and will still have an edgy feel.

What style coat have you found that works best for your shape?

Featured Image: Jason Saul via Flickr CC

Image: hm via Instagram

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