Short and Sweet: The Return of the Pixie Cut

Recently, it seems as though every time you turn around a new celebrity has chopped their locks in favor of a bold cropped ‘do. For anyone who has every cut off a significant length of hair, it can feel like the scariest kind of transformation. You might feel like a piece of you has literally gone missing, and it kind of has if you’re used to sporting long locks.

On the other hand, some women feel like having short hair sets them apart and makes for an edgier look. Many find that having a short hairstyle is an empowering form of self-expression, one that disrupts beauty stereotypes force women to think that only long hair is the most attractive. If you’ve entertained the idea of making over your look by getting a pixie cut, look no further than to the growing list of actresses and musicians who have recently cut their hair for inspiration. Not only is rocking short hair a bold way to set yourself apart, it’s incredibly en vogue right now.

A few months back, music and fashion icon Beyoncé chopped her long, flowing waves in favor of a gorgeous bottle blond pixie cut. The style gave the singer an edgier appearance, while highlighting her beautiful bone structure. Jennifer Hudson is another musician who recently traded in her long, sleek black hair for a fabulous pixie cut, and she looks stunning.

More surprising were the complete transformations that happened when Jennifer Lawrence and Pamela Anderson went for the pixie cut. Anderson is known for her signature long, beach-blown blond hair, so many were shocked when she cut it short, and even more surprised to find that she totally owns the new look. Other actresses who look fantastic with short hair that shows off their features include Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron. These women continue to redefine style; they make short hair look incredibly soft and feminine, and prove that the style can work for many different face shapes.

What do you think about this growing trend in short hairstyles?

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