Why “No-Pants Day” Is Every Day for One Woman

When Refinery 29 contributor Rachel Kramer Bussel shared her story, “Why Every Day is No-Pants Day For Me,” it became a genuine confession that resonated with fashionistas everywhere.

“I no longer own any pants, save for sweats to sleep in and my workout gear,” she says. “For the last three years, I’ve worn a dress or skirt daily.” Though it sounds somewhat extreme, Bussel explains that her exclusively dress and skirt wardrobe developed organically, and with the outpouring of reader responses, it’s safe to say she’s not the only one opting for a no-pants lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 1.35.07 PM

Which item of clothing do you most prefer?
Image: refinery29 via Instagram

For many women, shopping for pants, shorts, or trousers can feel like waging a war against your own self-esteem. Clothing retailers often have their own unique approach to garment sizing, which means that not all pants are created equal. For a tall woman, it can feel frustrating shopping for just right pant length; and for short women, it can feel like you’re drowning in excess fabric when looking for pants in your size. Bussel attributes her love of flowing, feminine garments to their comfort, and they way they compliment her body type. No, not all dresses are created equal either, but they sure can be more forgiving than pants.

Bussel explains, “Skirts and dresses make me feel good. They make me feel sexy and pretty,” in ways that trousers never did. Whether you love or loathe various items of clothing, Bussel’s message is clear: you’ll never feel comfortable trying to fit inside someone else’s standards of beauty. If something doesn’t fit – both literally and figuratively – find what works best for you. 

Which item of clothing do you most prefer?


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