British (Fashion) Invasion!

Full disclosure: I’m a complete sucker for British clothing brands. And why not? The patterns are fresh and quirky, the style of garments often feels more tailored, and in my experience, the clothes themselves seem quite well made. Since one’s findings from online shopping can take weeks to make it to your door from across the pond, I’m always on the lookout for British brands stateside. I am happy to report that there’s a growing want for these brands and garments, and it’s easier than ever before to find the best of Britain right in most metropolitan areas. Here are some of my best picks for British fashion brands:

Burberry. So, while Burberry might be out of reach for most (myself included), it’s impossible not to love the silhouettes and contemporary elegant feeling the garments exude. This luxury fashion house, with headquarters in London, was founded in 1856 and now has nearly 500 locations worldwide, so if you need a place to drool over the company’s beloved coats and iconic “Burberry check” pattern, head straight to the storefront! I once found a Burberry scarf at a consignment shop, and that checked little accessory is still one of my most prized fashion possessions.

Image: Topshop via Instagram

Image: Topshop via Instagram

Fat Face. This British brand, founded in 1988 by two entrepreneurial friends, offers some of the coziest, most chic winter gear around. The retailer offers dresses that take cues from the French Alps, with subtle patterns woven into the thicker fabrics, understated use of color, and a genuinely comfortable feel. Fat Face offers everything from skirts, dresses, tunics, and knits, to some seriously functional and feminine outerwear. Right now, the brand has 200 stores across Europe, but news just broke about a partnership between Fat Face and investment firm Lazard, which will bring the retailer to North America!

Topshop. A list of my most favorite British brands would not be complete without mention of Topshop. This brand is endorsed by the likes of Kate Moss, Lily Allen, Alexa Chung, and even Kate Middleton, but isn’t necessarily only accessible for those with a celebrity budget. This brand has chic day dresses, a super-chic offering of shoes and accessories, high fashion options, and awesome, London-inspired street wear. Topshop’s edgy, feminine, fashion-forward collections can be found in dozens of countries, including the U.S.

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