Hey All You Budding Fashionistas, Now’s Your Time to Shine

Right now, the world of fashion has never been so diverse (think quirky models, body diversification in advertisements, etc.), so open-minded, and so young. I’m not talking about young in the exploited-teenage-models sense, but young in the young-people-are-having-a-moment-in-fashion-right-now sense. If the fashion industry ever gave off an ageist attitude before, those days seem to be long gone, as young designers, fashion entrepreneurs, stylists, and bloggers are rapidly garnering success.

Here are just a few reasons why if you’re a budding fashionista, now is absolutely your time to shine:

The Almighty Internet. In recent years, the Internet has become a major platform for creativity to flourish; fashion and entertainment blogs (much like this one) are cropping up at lightning speed, content curation sites invite the insights of fashionistas of all ages, and personal style sites have never been more popular. Now, if you’re a designer, you can shamelessly self-promote your work through social media, blogging or even selling it online with help from retailers like Etsy. It’s never been easier to cultivate your fashion sense or creativity, using the web as your best asset.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 8.45.04 AM

It’s never too early to get into fashion!
Image: voguemagazine via Instagram

Grants for Young Designers. Fashionista says that one of the reasons it’s a great time to be a young designer is because of all of the grants being offered by major fashion publications and houses. “There’s the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund for young American designers. The Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize…The International Woolmark Prize…The Swarovski Award,” are just a few of the many grants and awards for aspiring fashion designers that Fashionista mentions. Indeed, the list of fashion grand opportunities goes on and on!

Fashion Education. More and more young people are gravitating towards fashion degrees, because more and more universities are offering courses in journalism, marketing, and design that are focused on fashion. If you don’t want to pursue the entrepreneurial route as you hone your fashion skills, take classes that pertain to style, fashion culture, or design instead!

Crowd-funding Campaigns. Lately, it seems as if the fashion industry has been going crazy for offbeat fashionistas and entrepreneurs. If you want to pursue fashion, all you need is a great idea and lots of passion. Crowd-funding companies like Kickstarter or Indiegogo make it so easy to bring your vision to life, and have helped many a fashionista’s dreams become a reality. If you know you have a great design vision or idea, creating a crowd-funding campaign will provide you with the funds to get started.

What are you waiting for? If you’re into fashion, get blogging, modeling, or designing right away!

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