How to Dress Like a Parisian

A lot of good things have come out of France. Delicious wine and croissants, iconic French films, Daft Punk, and Serge Gainsbourg quickly come to mind, and everyone knows that Paris exudes that intangible yet undeniable je ne se quoi. Paris Fashion Week featured some incredible designs on the runways, but even more people were taken by the unique and alluring street style by Fashion Week attendees. French girls really know how to dress, and fashion insiders predict that American fashion will be taking cues from Parisian street style very soon.

To get you ahead of the upcoming trends, here are a few tips on how to dress like a French girl:

Think “less is more.” Sometimes, it’s the overthinking of an outfit that takes it a bit too far. French girls dress in an effortlessly cool way because they make it look like they aren’t trying too hard. Think basic turtlenecks tucked into a flouncy solid skirt, minimal accessories, and cigarette pants.

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Invest in wardrobe staples. Once you get a hold of those French-inspired wardrobe staples, you’ll be so impressed with your own closet. Durable, stylish black flats, the perfect pair of mysterious, fashionable sunglasses, a long, statement coat, combat boots, and a leather motorcycle jacket that can give any outfit a harder edge: these are the items you should be looking for.

Show skin in unexpected ways. You already know that you don’t have to bare all to be sexy, and Parisians have got that alluring, showing only just a bit of skin thing down. Instead of opting for a super short skirt, show off a different part of your body like your shoulders or back.

If you’re gonna go big, really go big. If your personal style is more avant garde and experimental, taking cues from the French will help you bring it to a whole new level. When Parisians go for a statement look, they really go for it. Head-to-toe print, voluminous pieces, and the most masterful application of contrasting colors are just a few of the ways French girls up the style ante. You can nail this high fashion style too – you just have to commit.

Check out dozens of inspiring street style snapshots from Paris Fashion Week over at Refinery29.

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