Forget Spring, Welcome to Wedding Season

Now that spring has finally sprung, and summer is right around the corner, I think it’s safe to say that we have officially entered another kind of season: wedding season. Are you attending any weddings soon? If you’re a guest, you’re probably given free reign when it comes to choosing your outfit for the occasion. The bridesmaids on the other hand, aren’t so lucky. Bridesmaids have been historically adorned in too-expensive, ruffled, unflattering garments. This isn’t to discredit the taste of the bride of course; there just aren’t that many great dress options out there for bridesmaids.

Nowadays, brides-to-be are getting more creative and fashion-savvy in their choices of dresses for their wedding party. If you’re collaborating with the other members of the bridal party on what to wear, here are some fresh tips for fabulous bridesmaid dresses that you’ll even want to wear more than once, courtesy of Refinery29:

Dresses for a Garden Wedding

If your friend or sister is having a garden-inspired wedding, why not wear dresses to match? Refinery29 says, “A sprinkling of floral prints can be an obvious choice for an outdoor garden event, so balance them out with a couple of solid-hued styles in the same color family.” Mixing prints with solid dresses will make for a beautiful bridal party.

bridesmaid dresses

Check out these beach-inspired bridesmaid dresses! Image: via

Dresses for a Beach Wedding

Ah, the beach wedding. This kind of wedding can be really fun, and doesn’t have to be too formal. “You want your bridesmaids to feel as breezy and light as that ocean air. But, that doesn’t mean they need to be in the same maxi-dress. Play with different prints – some tropical, some not – as well as various cuts on top,” explains Refinery29. The trend-spotting website really wants brides and bridesmaids to embrace an array of prints this season. If the wedding isn’t heavy on the flowers and has minimal decorations, pops of color from the bridal party will accentuate the bride beautifully.

Dresses for a Traditional Church Wedding

This new, all white trend is one of the freshest, most polished looks of the season. “Hold the negative comments about bridesmaids wearing white on your wedding day, and hear us out. The wintry hue is actual super on-trend right now. If you choose styles that don’t resemble your dress, you’ll still stand out as the star on your own day – don’t worry,” explains Refinery29. This is the new way to look feminine and uniform.

Dresses for a Cocktail Wedding

If the wedding is set to be more of a posh, grown-up affair, dresses with both a little structure and a little flow are the way to go. “Introducing a more high-concept way to do cocktail attire – a little more glam, a little more forward, and not at all basic. Go for silky fabrics that’ll allow your bridesmaids to move once they hit the dance floor,” suggests Refinery29.

What are you planning to wear out this wedding season?

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