How the Fashion Blogger Behind GabiFresh is Spreading Body Positivity

It takes a lot of courage to be opinionated, honest, and transparent on the Internet. Doing so puts you at risk for a barrage of hurtful anonymous comments, judgments, and criticism, and blogging is a way of expressing yourself and being vulnerable. Happily, these concerns haven’t stopped plus-sized fashion blogger Gabi, who’s blog, GabiFresh, is becoming more popular than ever.

GabiFresh is one of my all-time favorite fashion blogs; Gabi shows off her curves in daring, bold ensembles and writes in such a way that feels more like having a conversation with your best friend than reading a stiff style blog. Originally called “Young, Fat, and Fabulous,” Gabi has never been ashamed of her body, despite the fact that the fashion industry tends to be very biased against models and fashionistas with curves. Gabi started blogging after graduating college with an interest in fashion journalism, and says, “I knew first-hand the lack of resources for younger, trendier women sizes 14 and up, so I decided to fill the void. Over time, it has transformed into a personal style blog, where I share my fashion advice…and outfits that I hope inspire others to take risks and have fun with clothing regardless of their size.”


via GabiFresh

One of Gabi’s biggest tips when it comes to fashion is to “ignore fashion rules,” one piece of advice that she is happy to follow herself. “I pretty much disagree with most mainstream fashion ideas and reject the notion of ‘dressing for your body type,’” she says. It’s pretty awesome that Gabi doesn’t mind breaking the rules; mainstream fashion tells plus size women to cover up, to draw attention away from their bodies, but Gabi has such incredible personal style because she does just the opposite. Crop tops? Check. Curve hugging printed dresses? Oh yeah. GabiFresh features attitude, incredible clothes, and promotes body positivity and confidence in ways that other blogs just can’t.

Check out Gabi’s fabulous fashion blog by visiting

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