Modcloth Celebrates its Foray into Plus Size Fashion by Completely Transforming the Market

Just over a year ago, online fashion retailer Modcloth decided it was time to revamp its plus size garment offerings. In an industry dominated by unrealistic beauty standards, fat shaming, and miniscule fashion options for women larger than a size 12, Modcloth has clearly managed to stand out from the pack. Now, the company is rewarding itself for its commitment to plus size fashion by doing something pretty radical: continuing to pursue and revolutionize the plus size clothing market.

Some of Modcloth's recent findings.

Some of Modcloth’s recent findings.

According to Jezebel’s Kelly Faircloth, “To mark the anniversary Modcloth commissioned a study of 1,500 shoppers and rounded up some depressing numbers: 77 percent of plus-size respondents agreed it’s difficult to find well-fitting clothes, and 46 percent say they never or rarely find ‘flattering’ clothing. 73 percent said they ‘settle for whatever’s good enough.” With so many women perpetually unhappy with clothing options for a diverse set of body types, one would think designers and retailers would be jumping at the chance to capitalize on this fashion industry demand. This is exactly what Modcloth founder Susan Koger, who recently told Business Insider, “There’s no other opportunity like this in fashion right now,” decided to do.

Faircloth notes that despite Modcloth’s fanciful façade of patterned, vibrant dresses, the company is remarkably adept when it comes to appealing to its customers, who now happen to be women of all shapes and sizes. She explains, “Modcloth has a reputation as the whimsical official supplies to the young and twee. Their stereotypical customer runs an Etsy shop. Their mascot is a put. But make no mistake: They’ve been damned savvy about pursuing the plus-size market,” especially given the genuine follow-up to their commitment to providing fabulous fashions for women of all sizes.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 2.13.34 PM

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Many women have come forward to say how empowered they feel in dresses from Modcloth. Whereas plus sized women have often been reduced to wearing shapeless, dull garments, Modcloth wants to change this, eliminating the disparity in clothing options based on size. It is now the anniversary of the company’s promise to provide more adorable, fashionable garments to women of all sizes, and Susan Koger and her team are delivering on that promise.

Hopefully more brands will soon follow suit, but in the meantime, I think Modcloth is doing a pretty incredible job of presenting a diverse collection of garments to an equally diverse demographic of women. Learn more by heading over to the Modcloth Blog.


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