4 Fashionable Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Instagram, a social media platform where users can share videos and photos, is a really great way to connect with friends, as well as your favorite artists, musicians, and fashion labels. Independent artists and fashion bloggers have really taken advantage of how inherently social the app is; it’s easy to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends and entertainment happenings when you can access them quickly from your phone. There are hundreds of inspiring independent fashionistas and companies worth following on Instagram, but these are a few of my favorites:


Instagram fashion

This Instagram account is comprised of submissions from hundreds of different users posing with – you guessed it – coffee and clothes. From post-workout iced coffee and stylish running gear to beautiful lattes and polished work clothes, this account is playful, fashionable, and offers interesting perspectives. Submit your own photo using the hashtag #coffeenclothes.


Instagram fashion

Refinery29 is one of my favorite websites for fashion and beauty insights, and its Instagram account is an artistic, glittery homage to what the company is all about. From art to fashion shoots, the photos and videos from R29 are so creative and really brighten up my Instagram feed.


Instagram Fashion

TheCoveteur.com is all about giving readers a peek inside the closets, homes, dressing rooms, and studios of celebrities, models, and artists from around the world, and its Instagram account does much of the same. From beautiful garments, to fashion still-life photography, to snapshots of your favorite style icons, thecoveteur gives you access to seriously enviable fashion.


Instagram fashion gabifresh

Body positive fashion blogger GabiFresh is already one of my favorite young style gurus, so following her on Instagram means that I get to see all of her awesome outfits in bite-sized posts. If you want to be inspired by beautiful styling, feminine silhouettes, and tons of crop tops, you’ve got to follow Gabi too!

Other favorite Instagram accounts include W Magazine’s account, nastygal, and beyonce. What are yours?

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