10 Things You Learn on the Road to Adulthood

In your young twenties, there are many discoveries you will make along the way and epiphanies you will make. You learn things about people and things about yourself that you can carry with you throughout life. Below are 10 that have come my way so far on the road to adulthood. You can’t save someone […]

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Knowing When to Toss your Makeup

I recently pulled out mascara from under the sink, as I desperately needed something to use for the day. Unfortunately, it was clumpy and the brush had to be from four years ago. As much as I knew I shouldn’t have put that thing anywhere near my eyeballs, I reluctantly put it on and instantly […]


A Few Favorite Trends from New York Fashion Week

We all love watching Fashion Week in anticipation of what the trends will be next Spring and Summer. No? Maybe it’s just me. If you aren’t one to follow the tweets, Instagram posts and news around fashion week, below is a quick synopsis of some of the hottest trends coming to you this spring. Metallics. […]

10 Things Every 20-Something Girl Needs in Her Life

After chatting with one of my older girlfriends recently, I came away with some tips on how to get the most out of your 20s. I loved reading “Adulting” by Kelly Williams Brown, and many of the following tips and must-haves from both Brown and my friend are worth considering if you’re a 20-something woman. […]