Knowing When to Toss your Makeup

I recently pulled out mascara from under the sink, as I desperately needed something to use for the day. Unfortunately, it was clumpy and the brush had to be from four years ago. As much as I knew I shouldn’t have put that thing anywhere near my eyeballs, I reluctantly put it on and instantly felt dirty.

As much as we’d like to deny it, make up like food has an expiration date. Since most of us keep using things and can’t keep track of the different dates depending on the products, here’s a nice little helping guide. In general, the more moisture in a product the shorter its lifespan will be.

Instagram fashion

You mean this stuff won’t last forever?

Foundation and concealer are known for bacteria. If you see any change in color or consistency, be sure to get rid of it. Usually a foundation or concealer will be good for 1 to 2 years. Powders are good for two years because they are a dry substance.

Lipstick and lip-glosses are applied to the mouth, and no one wants bacteria there. Only keep them around for a year. Around the same timeline applies to pencils of all kinds, lip liner, eyeliner and brow pencils. You can sharpen these so the good news is you get a clean slate. They go bad once they start tugging along your face.

The substance that last the least amount of time is mascara and liquid liner. As many of you know, do not pump your mascara. When you push air into the tube, it causes it to dry out and let in bacteria. Don’t share your products with a friend or go past expiration dates, as they can cause redness, itchiness, pinkeye and sties. Be good to your face!


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