10 Things You Learn on the Road to Adulthood

In your young twenties, there are many discoveries you will make along the way and epiphanies you will make. You learn things about people and things about yourself that you can carry with you throughout life. Below are 10 that have come my way so far on the road to adulthood.

  1. You can’t save someone who is lost in themself, someone who only puts themself first. No matter how hard you try, you can’t change them.
  2. Sometimes your mother (or other female guardian or mentor) will cry and you will need to hold her like she held you all throughout high school. Be there for her, always.
  3. People will say more with their eyes than with their words. You can still see ‘I love you’ through silent mouths. You can see some of the happiest moments just through grins. Always believe the eyes.
  4. Do not scoff at people who have problems that seem simple to you. Everyone has problems and struggles and there is no scale of lesser or greater when it comes to being there for someone.
  5. You don’t need to love or be with someone simply because they love you. Love sometimes is not enough of a reason to be in a relationship.
  6. Your sisters (if you have them) are the only ones who know what you went through growing up. Hold them close and know they will always be there for you.

    life tips

    Your early twenties are a time to experiment, dream, and grow. What have you learned so far? / Image: modcloth via Instagram.

  7. That piece of pizza will be gone just as quickly as it arrived…stay away from it and you’ll feel better about it later on.
  8. Your reality is different than everyone else’s. Stop reading those articles about how you must travel RIGHT NOW, and thinking you need to travel if you don’t want to. Do what is right for your life, not everyone else’s.
  9. Alcohol will not fix anything, no matter how much it stings on the way down and makes you feel good for one night. Self-medicating with alcohol during difficult times will only result in more pain.
  10. It was important for me to learn to stop going out and doing pointless shopping and brunches with your friends every weekend. Instead, save for something you really want. Enjoy going out, but mindfully put money away each month.

What are some realizations you’ve come to in your twenties so far?

Featured Image: variouskeytags via Instagram.

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