4 Easy Ways to Save Money This Holiday Season

Now that it’s November, the holidays will be here in a flash. It’s my favorite time of year with boot-weather, weekly gatherings with friends and picking out gifts for family. However, sometimes my wallet doesn’t always agree. When you have a lot of people in your life that you care about, picking out the perfect gift for all of them can sometimes be too much. So, here are four ways to save money this holiday season, without skimping on presents for the people you love.

  1. Track your money and budget. If you don’t know how much you’re spending at where, you need to figure it out to save. You could be spending $100 on food each week going out with friends or even more on drinks one weekend, which adds up to thousands of dollars every year. Set a clear budget for yourself and you can be more intentional with your spending.
saving money for the holidays

How do you plan on saving money this holiday season?

  1. Use digital coupons for your favorite stores. Use those coupons. There are great websites out there for stores you likely shop at weekly. Try the Target Cartwheel app out for size. You can save yourself a lot of money this way.
  1. Make your gifts. Okay, it may seem cheesy, but I promise making your gifts doesn’t have to mean an ornament that falls apart the next week that no one will ever use again. But open your eyes, long onto Pinterest or Instagram and gather ideas and directions from others. It’s a great way to get personal in your gift giving.
  1. Skip the salons this month. It’s important to always look presentable and no one loves their shellac manicure more than me. But having the pros do it every month can really add up. Giving yourself at-home mani/pedis, face masks, and hair treatments can save you a lot of money this month…and it’s just a month.

Images: Target via Instagram.

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