5 Perks of Dating

There are some people who say dating is fun…and then there are the rest of us who don’t find the interview-like questions, the awkward moment the bill comes, or wondering if your date will call you all that exciting. So while it may seem easier to crawl into bed and binge watch Gilmore Girls, there are some perks to dating that should make it worth it.

  1. Dating reminds you you’re interesting.

When everyone around you already knows you so well and don’t want to hear your stories over and over again, finally a new set of ears! You get to start all the way at the beginning from where you grew up. Nothing like a fresh audience to remind you how awesome you are.

  1. Dating can help you get over your last relationship.

While dating won’t automatically cure all your breakup woes, if you are engaged in the conversations you can have small moments of healing. All people you date are different and seeing a new one can show you maybe how good different can be. If you let yourself see the good in other guys, it will help you get over the bad in the ones you let go of.

NY Florist 2

All those first-date bouquets don’t hurt either, right?

  1. Dating helps you discover new hot spots.

Going on dates makes you travel outside your friends’ weekly go-to bar and see new spots and things to do in the city. Even if the conversation is lacking, you now have a new spot to bring your friends and show knowledge of your city.

  1. Dating also can give you some amazing stories.

Some of the best stories are the horrific dating ones. While in the moment the may seem a bit awkward or excruciating, think about how great it will be to retell them with your friends later that night.

  1. Dating can help hone in what you’re looking for in a guy.

It is true that going on dates reveals things you didn’t even realize were priorities as well as the qualities you find as deal breakers. This can help save you a lot of future heartbreak because you know better what you are looking for and value in a relationship.

Featured image: Guian Bolisay via Flickr CC.


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