20 Life Lessons I’m Thankful For

In your twenties, you learn a lot about yourself in relation to the world around you. For me, my outlook on many things is challenged and constantly changing; the lessons I’ve learned have all led to my personal growth. In honor of Thanksgiving this week, here are 20 life lessons I’m thankful for:

  1. Caffeine is meant to be enjoyed, and is personally essential to everyday functioning.
  2. Someone in life will always drive you absolutely insane; just walk away rather than freaking out at them.
  3. Grades are not everything in life.
  4. Whatever you do, do what makes you happy often.
  5. It’s okay to do things sometimes that your parents once told you were bad. Explore the world and break restrictions.
  6. Get away from your phone and actually get to know people.
  7. Money is not everything.
  8. Always put friends and family first, but remember to take care of yourself.

    Instagram fashion

    4. Whatever you do, do what makes you happy often.

  9. Whoever you see in the mirror today, remind that person they are beautiful. You are the one and only you.
  10. Push yourself when no one else will. Don’t look to others for drive and direction all the time.
  11. Your mom will never ever stop calling you and making sure that you are okay. Be appreciative you have a mother (or guardian, sister, aunt) who cares so much and loves you.
  12. Everything will always work itself out and be okay.
  13. A person should always eat cake on their birthday – it’s good to celebrate yourself!
  14. Say your opinions and speak up for yourself. Be honest and don’t let others talk down to you about who you are and what you’ve done.
  15. Don’t let others define you. Especially don’t let what might seem like societal norms force you into a relationship of any sort.
  16. Travel as much as you can afford without going into debt. See the world.
  17. Everyone has “something” and you have to accept that “something” about yourself. Be confident and recognize it.
  18. Sarcasm is for the savvy smartened soul.
  19. It’s important to try new things and to be a “yes” person, even when pushing yourself out of your comfort zone feels scary.
  20. Find a way to calm and center yourself and practice it.

What life lessons are you thankful for?

Featured Image: Refinery29 via Instagram.

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