13 Awkward Moments that Will Happen at Your Office Holiday Party

Office Parties always have a bit of awkwardness to them. You can’ t really let loose your boss, but you have to go. You have to socialize but not the fun out-with-your-friends socialize. There are always some awkward uncomfortable moments like the ones below every year.

  1. 1.You try to arrive fashionably late, but you are one of the first ones to get there. Drink that extra drink at home; arrive a little later to avoid an awkward one-on-one chat with work acquaintances.
  2. You get forced into an awkward conversation with a co-worker you’ve barely ever talked to.
  1. Someone comes to the party in a costume that doesn’t leave much to the imagination.
  1. Another co-worker will walk in significantly overdressed.
  1. Your one and only friend from the office will show up already intoxicated… great.
  1. When you are trying to indulge in the free drinks, one creepy co-worker will ask you to take a shot with them.
  1. You have that awkward encounter in the bathroom with your boss.
  1. You run into that one co-worker who dressed like Santa who won’t break character.
  1. Just like any party, as more drinks are poured the PDA becomes overwhelming and unsettling… except it’s different because you work with everyone.
  1. You ask a stranger who they came with just to be nice and discover it’s actually Bob from HR who you’ve never happened to see in person.
  1. Someone completely random will be way too confident on the dance floor.
  1. You will proudly and drunkenly tell everyone who your office crush is.
  1. You will wake up the next morning with suggestive pictures of you and co-workers HOPING you still have a job to come back to on Monday.

Happy holidays!

Featured image: Addison Berry via Flickr CC.


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