Beauty Mistakes To Leave Behind in the New Year

Although makeup is often experimental, there are some bad habits that we can develop within our regimens. These no-no’s run the gamut across the board of extremities. So here are a few of the beauty faux pas you should plan to move on from in the New Year. Break the habit of biting your nails. […]

new years sales

8 New Year’s Sales Not To Skip

There’s something about this time of the year that makes lots of people want to just lay around and not do anything. Maybe it’s the full stomachs or the vast amount of time off. But there are still resolutions to get to and shopping to get done. Below are five new years deals that you […]

fashion in 2015

Predictions for 2015’s Biggest Fashion Trends

Soon, the clothes from Fashion Week six months ago will be showing up in stores. While there are many crazy trends that show up on the runway that never take off on a larger scale, there are many more (think peplum or floral pants) that take off like fire. For 2015, here is a prediction […]

middle hair part

The Best Ways to Rock a Middle Part

When discussing hair trends, usually it’s about cuts, styles and colors. But, the new look this year is easy to achieve–and if you don’t like it, easy to change. All over runways, models have been sporting middle parts and we are very into it. The face-softening side-parts have been the way to go for years […]