The Best Ways to Rock a Middle Part

When discussing hair trends, usually it’s about cuts, styles and colors. But, the new look this year is easy to achieve–and if you don’t like it, easy to change. All over runways, models have been sporting middle parts and we are very into it.

The face-softening side-parts have been the way to go for years now because the middle part opens your face and makes it appear a bit wider. However, as it’s been shown on the runway, it’s all about how you wear the rest of your hair—the way to do it is with tousled relaxed tresses. It’s incredibly easy to take your blow dryer and train your hair to fall the way you want it.

middle hair part

This year, why not try rocking a middle part in your hair? / Image: via Instagram.

If you want to be attention grabbing, you can slick down the part behind your ears and leave the rest of your strands natural to offset the severity. Or, instead of parting your hair completely in the middle, stop the part midway and tease the crown. It will give you a super vintage inspired look.

Rather than throwing it back in a pony tail that looks matronly, if instead you put your hair in a low pony and let the fly-aways run wild, the look will be modern. Or, If you want to leave it down, shoot for beach-babe waves that frame the face. If you prefer to have your hair straight, try it with the ends a little curled or bent to give it some more movement.

If you add texture around your crown, it will add a little amp and chicness to the look. Even if you have short hair, you can rock this part. If you tuck it behind your ears, it can add a bit of an androgynous feel.

Featured Image: via Instagram.


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