Predictions for 2015’s Biggest Fashion Trends

Soon, the clothes from Fashion Week six months ago will be showing up in stores. While there are many crazy trends that show up on the runway that never take off on a larger scale, there are many more (think peplum or floral pants) that take off like fire. For 2015, here is a prediction from the runway of trends that will be big this year.

Dr. Martens are going to be very in this year. We are past the clean white sneaker, and into the chunky, black oxford. Although these shows have been a mainstay in fashion for a while, there will soon be resurgence in popularity.

Uniqlo will take over American Apparel with better made, cheaper and more ethically produced garments. While Uniqlo has several stores across the United States, they are planning to open even more stores from coast to coast.

While 2014 seemed to be the year of the blonde model across runways and social feeds. 2015 will be the year of the Korean It Girls like Soo Joo Park, which will lead to major inspiration fodder.

Padlock necklaces are back. While everyone wanted the Tiffany’s heart lock necklace a decade ago, this time around Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Moschino have made the padlock the charm of choice for your neck this year.

Patches are back. They are showing up on jeans, jackets and bags and there is going to be a huge patch craze this year. Brown will also be big. 2014 held black, as the go-to color for boots, bags and coats but this year will be more brown-centric.


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