Beauty Mistakes To Leave Behind in the New Year

Although makeup is often experimental, there are some bad habits that we can develop within our regimens. These no-no’s run the gamut across the board of extremities. So here are a few of the beauty faux pas you should plan to move on from in the New Year.

Break the habit of biting your nails. Biting your nails is on the top of some of our resolution lists every single year. Keep the pact for your fingernails this year. It’s awful for your hands… plus it’s kind of gross. Your hands are busy touching dirty keyboards, doorknobs and money all day. Just consider this: what if the person to touch the doorknob before you just finished using the restroom… and didn’t wash up? The LAST place you should be putting those hands is in your mouth! To help you along, try painting on some bad-tasting polish or book regular manicures to battle the bite.

Stop popping your zits. This is a beauty don’t that we have all been told time and time again. Leave it to the professionals. Any dermatologist will tell you that your skin will heal faster when you don’t pick at them. And while zits can be annoying and painful, they are usually less so if left to their own devices.

Make sure you change your routine with the seasons. Your skin changes throughout the year, and what works for you in the summer may not work in winter. When the chilly seasons hit, you’ll need a lot more moisture and protection for your skin than in warmer months. Arm yourself with a good seasonal skin-care regimen next year.

Stop ignoring your cuticles. Healthy cuticles are the secret to healthy nails. But you have to do more than just regular manicures. Keep an essential oil next to your bed and rub it into your hands before bed every night to keep cuticles moisturized and prevent those nasty hangnails from ever happening.

Don’t skip the SPF. Wear SPF every single day, especially on your face. Even if the sun isn’t shining, UV rays will cut right through and harm your skin. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US. Wearing SPF daily cuts down your risk, and it’s easy to stay completely covered. Plus, protecting your skin will keep it vibrant for many more years—you don’t want to become leathery-faced at thirty-five, do you?

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