Online Retailers Improve the Shopping Experience

Just about everyone shops online nowadays, which means that companies are working overtime to make sure that their online stores are looking just as polished as if you walked into a brick-and-mortar version. The thing about shopping online is that unlike in a store, you can just leave for a better website at the click of a button. With this in mind, many companies and online retailers are working to improve the shopping experience for consumers like you and me. Here’s how some of them are doing it:

A Multitude of Offerings

One of the best things about shopping online is the fact that there are things in an e-store that you might not find in real life. Modcloth and Asos are both fantastic at stocking all kinds of beautiful clothes for bodies that are petite, full-figured, and everything in between. Many online stores offer a larger range of plus-sized clothing than can be found in stores, making shopping online an appealing option for women who have a difficult time finding nicely fitting clothes in real life.

The Customized Experience

Another way that online retailers are improving the shopping experience for customers is by completely personalizing that experience. Just take companies like Gilt Groupe, which has created a “members only shopping” platform that feels very exclusive to shoppers. Headed by board members like Anton Levy, Susan Lyne, and Kevin P. Ryan – three very entrepreneurial-minded people – it’s no wonder that Gilt Groupe is able to merge a tech-savvy approach with an exclusive retail experience.

Amazon is also known for using big data to personalize the shopping experience for its many, many customers. Not to mention that Amazon Prime is using that same customization strategy to make the experience feel more tailored to you.

online shopping

With styling this good on the landing page, you can bet I’m going to shop around and see what else Pixie Market has to offer.

 A Beautiful “Storefront”

There’s nothing quite like entering your favorite shop and getting to experience the garments or accessories within by using multiple senses. However, some online stores are so beautiful, you’ll hardly mind. Just take Zara, Anthropologie, Need Supply Co., and Pixie Market – these online retailers know how to make a website feel like a genuine shopping experience, and each has a lovely, enticing “storefront,” aka landing page.

If you’re suddenly in the mood to shop (or window-shop!) online right now, take a peek at’s 38 essential online shops for summer, 2015.

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