Athleisurewear Goes Everywhere: Gym, Lunch, the Bank

Sportswear and fashion continue to evolve as seen in the latest collection from Tory Burch—Tory Sport.

Sportswear and fashion continue to evolve as seen in the latest collection from Tory Burch—Tory Sport. Photo: Tory Sport.

It’s no surprise the Athleisure fashion trend was born in Los Angeles. Known for its relaxed attitude, LA is a center for all things creative. But don’t be fooled by its relaxed edge.

The woman standing in front of you of wearing yoga pants, the one who just ordered a kale smoothie, spent $600 on those pants. She represents the cutting edge of the sportswear industry. Fashionistas and investors are both watching her next move.

Sportswear brands are growing into centers of sophisticated design, technical innovation, and creative collaboration. Sportswear stalwarts Adidas, Nike, and Puma, are being joined by fashion forward brands like Tory Burch, Stella McCartney, and Prada.

Investors such as Bill E Ford, Chief Executive Office at General Atlantic, are proof that sportswear is serious business. Ford proves that point by sitting on the Tory Burch Board of Directors.

Partnerships between designers and sportswear brands are continuing to grow and expand. Marketing message is an integral component when attempting to influence consumer’s buying habits. No one will pay $600 for Juicy Couture sweatpants; they will pay $600 for a Karl Lagerfeld cashmere hoodie.

“For sportswear brands, the real goal is to shift consumers’ functional relationships with their products. They are not only trying to tap into a new audience; they are trying to capitalize on the athleisure movement, convincing their existing customers to start wearing sweatpants and running shoes to work,” says Michael Sussman.

Tory Burch is a leading designer with powerful brand penetration. The current customer for Tory Burch is likely a businesswoman, a mother, and a fan of fitness. This customer wants fashion that travels from one phase of her day to another and always looks great. Tory Sport will be available online, though a store is planned to open in New York City in March.

Casual and health-conscious culture has worked its way into boardrooms and social functions. Featuring great style and a welcome range of prices from ready to wear to luxury looks, it appears that this fashion trend is a good investment. The future for Athleisureware looks fresh, fit, and fabulous.

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