Good Design: Adidas Harvests Ocean Plastic and Prints a Shoe

Fashion, conservation, and technology come together in the adidas x Parley collaboration, which produced a 3D Shoe Printed from Ocean Plastic.

Fashion, conservation, and technology come together in the adidas x Parley collaboration, which produced a 3D Shoe Printed from Ocean Plastic. Photo: adidas x Parley.

You love seafood. Did you know that our oceans are overfished to such an extent that we will soon by running out of seafood. Scientists estimate that by 2048 all commercial fisheries will collapse.

You enjoy discovering the oceans of the world on cruise ships? It is estimated that by 2025 all of the coral reef ecosystems around the world will be lost?

You celebrate your love of the ocean’s beauty with new plastic items for your home, picnics, and summer vacations at the shore? Your plastic trash and decorations end up in the ocean. It endangers and often kills sea creatures that try to eat things like plastic bags because it looks like a jellyfish.

Plastic may be out of sight, beyond the ocean’s horizon, but it’s not gone. It persists for a long time. Plastic trash is gathered into five whirlpools formed by ocean currents and collected into large mass. Nicknamed Vortex it’s estimated that at least 40 million pounds of plastic is floating in the North Pacific Ocean.

It’s such a horrible story that we’re tempted to turn away from it. It seems hopeless. Some have turned away from this problem. They’ve deliberately ignored of simply thought that it wasn’t a big problem if they couldn’t see it.

Some people haven’t turned away. Many of those people have gotten together and formed Parley for the Oceans. It’s a group of creative people who work together to educate the world about our fragile oceans and the major threats assaulting them.

Parley has been working with Adidas and Futurecraft on a step in the right direction. They have introduced a 3D-Printed Ocean Plastic shoe. It’s a solution that uses innovation to end destruction. This initiative proves that we can rethink manufacturing, fashion, and design and create products we want and a brighter future for our oceans.

Eric Liedtke, adidas Group Executive Board Member, Global Brands shared his vision for a better future build through commitment, innovation, and collaboration:

World leaders forging an agreement is wonderful [COP 21], but we shouldn’t need to be told to do the right thing. The industry can’t afford to wait for directions any longer.

Together with the network of Parley for the Oceans we have started taking action and creating new sustainable materials and innovations for athletes. The 3D-printed Ocean Plastic shoe midsole stands for how we can set new industry standards if we start questioning the reason to be of what we create.

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