The Many Benefits of Wool

Woman wearing a wool sweater and beret

Photo: Shutterstock

Woolen clothing is made from the fur of animals such as sheep, goats and llamas. Wool has a variety of benefits for all types of clothing from sweaters to socks to layering for the outdoors-person.

First of all, it is a natural material that can be harvested from animals without harming them. Farmers may even harvest wool to supplement income from milk production or other farm activities. Wool can be harvested sustainably and is free of synthetic chemicals. It is biodegradable and strong.

As wool is the material animals use to regulate body temperature, it does an excellent job with the same role in human clothing. In cold weather it holds air to form natural insulation even when the wool is wet, and in the heat it is moisture-wicking and keeps dampness away from the skin. Because wool does not readily absorb moisture, it rarely attracts the mold or bacteria that can ruin cotton. This is helpful for people with asthma or allergies. In addition, it doesn’t allow the buildup that causes bodily odors.

Wool is both lightweight and strong, making it a very practical material. Garments made from wool have an incredibly long lifetime and will last for years. The material resists tears more reliably than cotton or synthetic materials and its light weight makes it more comfortable than other options.

Finally, wool does not burn or melt easily. Wool fabric can actually be used to smother a fire. Firefighters’ uniforms contain wool for protection. Clothes made of wool do not need to be treated with synthetic flame retardants.

Thanks to the properties listed above, wool is used for everything from sweaters to peacoats to exercise layers. It is very popular with those who spend a lot of time outdoors as well due to its warmth when wet and odor resistance. If your budget allows it, wool is an excellent choice for any outfit desired.

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