2017 Fashion Is A 1980s Revival

2017's look is a 1980s revival.

Photo: Degtyaryov Andrey / Shutterstock.com

Brace yourselves, everyone! Tiger stripes, acid wash, neon colors, big shoulders and bedazzled everything are coming back into fashion again!

For those of us who have some nostalgia for the 1980s—the decade of John Waters movies, Jane Fonda workouts, and, for some of us, punk rock and its cousins—this trend brings some good news. For others, not so much.

Marc Jacobs’ Resort Collection is full to the max of ‘80s looks. The line features some great outfits and some that totally fall flat.

Among the most totally awesome looks are:

  • A pink leopard-print zip-up jacket and a big black skirt, layered over by a waist-length white-striped leather motorcycle jacket with checkered sleeves. The look was completed by purple leather-print boots and an assortment of pins on the lapels. Between the clothes and the hair, the model’s look was reminiscent of early ‘80s Cyndi Lauper.
  • An olive-green leather trench coat adorned with pins and buttons, snake skin boots and a rust-colored purse with a chain for a shoulder strap. The look reminds me of photos of my aunt as a 1980s punk rocker.
  • Another punk-inspired look: a body-fitting floral print vest-shirt and olive-green capri-length cargo pants, embellished by the same snake skin boots as the previous look and a leopard print purse.
  • A cool little gothy ensemble. A beautiful high-waisted skirt with a tulle lining and Victorian flair is topped off by a black velvet cardigan, black lace gloves semi-transparent black tights, and pointy-toed high heels.

And then there are some that, like, totally gag me with a spoon:

  • A high-waisted, checkered skirt with a giant jacket featuring not only the checkered fabric but patches of other neon colors. The model wearing this unfortunate look seemed to be about 50 pounds heavier than she really was.
  • Pink, pink, everywhere pink! This crazy-patterned pink skirt with a tulle liner is topped by a pastel-pink jacket with another completely clashing set of patterns. The jacket was so huge that the model looked like a potato on legs. (That said, I think the skirt would be cool on its own, worn with a body-fitting black top and waist-length jacket.)
  • Acid-wash hell. Not only does this look feature lavender high-waisted, acid-washed jeans, it even comes with a matching jacket! The jacket is offset by patches of zebra print. The only good thing about this look are the sparkly blue ankle booties.
  • The prairie dress, but 10,000 times worse! Take the old ‘80s prairie dress with its mid-calf length and unnecessary frills, and super-size the shoulders beyond all reasonable size. Then add a tiger-stripe belt and zebra-stripe booties to complete the look.

Check out the entire 2017 Resort Collection here and tell me what you think!


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